Columbia Open Studios

Teresa Pietras

Nerguin, Assemblage, 17" x 14" x 9"

Nerguin, Assemblage, 17" x 14" x 9"

Teresa Pietras
Teresa Pietras Artworks

Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textile

69 Newport Dr.  Columbia, SC 29223

Facebook: TeresaPietrasArtworks
Instagram: @TeresaPietrasArtworks

Directions: From the SC State House, take US 1 (Gervais St.) east. Turn left on Bull St. Continue on I-277. Take exit on I-20 toward Florence. Take Two-Notch Rd. exit and turn left. Turn right on Alpine Rd. Turn right on Northgate Rd. Studio is at end of Newport Dr. horseshoe on left. 

Wheelchair accessible? No