Columbia Open Studios

Nancy Marine

Pencil Burst, Pencils, Paper, Styrofoam, 4" x 1.5" 

Nancy Marine
Art Room Queen

Mixed Media, Other

1140 Shirlington Rd.  Columbia, SC 29210

Instagram: @coasterchick64

Directions: From the SC State House, take US 1 (Gervais St.) west. Turn right on Assembly St. Turn left on Elmwood St. Continue on I-126 west/US 76 west. Take the Colonial Life Blvd. exit. Continue on Colonial Life Blvd. west. Turn left on Bush River Rd. Turn right on N. Arrowwood Rd. Turn right on Dutch Square Blvd. Turn left on Bakersfield Rd. Turn right on Shirlington Rd.

Wheelchair accessible? No